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Andreas Leidig – How we did it: The Story of a Website

Andreas Leidig – How we did it: The Story of a Website

About Andreas Leidig


There are many open source projects. Most of them are tools or libraries for programmers. This is a running website.

Interested in seeing the professional use of state-of-the-art technologies and collaboration methods?

These are the buzzwords covered: node.js, continuous integration, github, javascript, evolving design, no-sql, testing, softwerkskammer, XP.



40 minutes

Detailed Schedule

I will give a fly through to the architecture, design and specific aspects of the product. The focus will vary depending on the audience’s interests. Can be process, testing, design, javascript, functional programming applied

What you will learn?

The audience will learn how to set up a community project especially with the technologies used by us. What to take care of and what not.


A robust general knowledge of programming is definitely needed. Javascript helps, node.js even more.

What’s next?

They may dive into the code that is available on github or even participate in the project. Maybe they start their own projects or commit to other open source projects.

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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