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Claudia Roșu & Alex Bolboacă – Applied Craftsmanship in a Real Project

Claudia Roșu & Alex Bolboacă – Applied Craftsmanship in a Real Project

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Software craftsmanship is a relatively new movement, and as such it often creates discussions and controversy. It’s useful therefore to see how the ideals of craftsmanship are applied in a real project. This is a true story.

We are working on an innovative eHealth application for an association of general practitioners. We will share with you our understanding of craftsmanship, how we applied it in the project and what are the results so far.

After this talk you will understand better:

  • how craftsmanship can help you deliver software that delights customers
  • that pragmatism is a core value in craftsmanship
  • how you can learn new things while deploying working software two times a week
  • how the principle of consistency applies not only in graphical design but all throughout the code
  • that the balance between strategic and short term decisions is extremely important for the success of a project

During the talk, we will mention some of the practices we apply in this project:

  • Unit testing and TDD (server-side and for javascript)
  • Incremental thinking
  • Kanban
  • Planning without estimating
  • Continuous improvement
  • Adopting new practices while delivering

You are welcome to ask questions and to challenge us.


40 minutes

Detailed Schedule

Intro – 5′
Our view on craftsmanship – 10′
A bit about the product – 5′
Applied craftsmanship – 15′
Q&A – 5′

What you will learn?
  • What is software craftsmanship and how it can helps you deliver software that delights customers
  • How technical practices helped us overcome difficulties of a real-life project
  • How we learned a new technology while delivering at a steady pace
  • How we tuned our process to match reality and to provide clarity of the status
  • The mantra, rules and guidelines we follow to keep a steady pace
  • What we look at in order to optimize the process

Basic knowledge of XP practices and Kanban.

What’s next?

Share and use anything that was useful for you.

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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