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Adi Bolboacă – Enterprise Agile Architect Role

Adi Bolboacă – Enterprise Agile Architect Role

About Adi Bolboacă


Once Agile started becoming a thing in the software world, often the architect role seems to be an awkward one. During this presentation we will talk about how the architect role is very important in an enterprise environment by connecting mainly the business and the technical worlds.

During this talk we will have a conversation about the architect(s) focusing on risk management, balancing the technical decisions at the product level, communicating the technical information to the business side and communicating the business needs to the technical teams.


40 minutes

Detailed Schedule


What you will learn?

In an Agile enterprise environment an architect might be a very important role.
What would be the responsibilities and skills of an architect in an enterprise Agile world.
Some key elements an architect should take care of during their job.


Know the Agile principles and values.
Understand the Architecture.

What’s next?

Follow the work of Rebecca Wirfs Brock about Agile architecture.
Join your local Agile user group to learn more about Agile architecture.
Attend next year’s event and see Simon Brown’s keynote on Agile Architecture.
Read the article I co-authored on Architecture, Extreme Programming and Security Testing.

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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