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Alex Bolboacă – From Requirements to Tests in Kanban

Alex Bolboacă – From Requirements to Tests in Kanban

About Alex Bolboacă


Kanban or Scrum tell you it’s your job to define the technical practices to use. But nobody explains in detail how to link Kanban or Scrum with TDD or Unit Testing. In this workshop you will experience the steps required to go from a requirement to tests. We will use a Kanban board for the purpose of the workshop, but you can easily adjust the process for Scrum.

We will discuss and practice the following steps:

  • How to define an application flow using storymapping
  • How to identify user stories
  • How to define acceptance criteria
  • How to split a story into smaller stories based on a few simple criteria
  • How to slice a story into behaviors
  • How to identify the automated tests you need to write from all the above

120 minutes

Detailed Schedule

Introduce the steps – 10′
Introduce the exercise – 10′
Practice the steps – 80′
Closing – 5′
Q&A – 15′

What you will learn?
  • Storymapping for maintaining overview of an application flow when working on individual stories
  • Basic story slicing
  • Identifying acceptance criteria for user stories and using them to validate the story
  • Basic acceptance testing
  • Basic behavior slicing and connection with automated unit and integration tests

Basic knowledge of Scrum or Kanban. Basic knowledge of software testing.

What’s next?

Apply the techniques you learned in your own environment.

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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