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Csaba Patkos – Getting Started with Test Driven Development

Csaba Patkos – Getting Started with Test Driven Development

About Csaba Patkos


A hands-on workshop to introduce TDD for the interested programmers. It has a theoretical part, not very much, just so that each attendee can remember what a unit test is and how do we run our test. Then a little bit about the rules. Finally, the bulk of the workshop is used to take a simple code kata and implement it with TDD. Depending on the level of the attendees, this kata can be as simple as Fizz-Buzz or as advanced as Word Wrap. I also found the Tennis Kata a good example for novice programmers who want more of a challenge then fizz-buzz.
The session will be language agnostic, attendees are free to use their favorite programming language. Examples will be given in PHP so web developers are also welcome.


120 minutes

Detailed Schedule
  • 10 minutes to present what is coming
  • 30 minutes about unit testing, agile and related topics
  • 20 minutes about TDD

the rest, up to the 2 hours limit of the workshop, implement an example as detailed above.

  • part one – write our first test
  • make it pass
  • reason about what’s next
  • exercise the 3 steps of TDD
  • repeat until task is finished.

If the time permits, we can talk about mocking also.

What you will learn?


  1. Basic programming knowledge
  2. A prepared and working test framework in the attende’s favorite programming language
  3. Basic unit testing knowledge
What’s next?

After this session the audience will want to study:

  • testing techniques
  • testing architecture
  • implementing TDD in a company
  • the advantages of TDD and other agile techniques
Do the attendees need a laptop?


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