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Flavius Ștef – Leading Tech Teams

Flavius Ștef – Leading Tech Teams

About Flavius Ștef


Old school leadership was hard, yet easy. Hard, because it meant you needed to be really good technically *and* control all your team members, possibly while keeping several systems running without a glitch. Easy, because you didn’t have to worry about getting buy-in from your team members.

The new leadership style, based on agile practices, promotes shared responsibility, transparency and continuous improvement. But this means that technical leaders must develop better soft skills. And soft skills are the hard skills.


Join Flavius in this workshop and take a look at the technical lead role from 3 lenses:

Why should people follow YOU?
Leadership is all about influence. But what are the characteristics that people seek in their influencers? We’ll come up with a list of skills that make for good leaders and help you select those you want to further develop.


Patterns for catalyzing change
How do you cause change when people don’t have to obey your demands? We’ll discuss several change models and see how they can be applied to instigating and then catalyzing change. These models work both for convincing your team members and upper management. We’ll use a simulated change initiative to apply the techniques.


How to listen and talk to others
How many times did a colleague do the exact opposite of what you expected them to do? If the answer is “a lot”, you might have to upgrade your communication protocol to a stateful one. We’ll discuss about empathy, the multiple levels of listening, asking powerful questions and increasing awareness about your own judgements.


3 sessions x 40 minutes = 120 minutes

Detailed Schedule

Why should people follow you? (40′)
Patterns for catalyzing change (40′)
How to listen and talk to others (40′)

What you will learn?
  • What people look for in their leaders
  • How to get results without reminding people of your title
  • How to make sure your message is understood
  • How to debug a conversation

You should have a few years of experience as a member of a team.

What’s next?

Apply the techniques in your day to day interactions with the rest of the team.

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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