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Flavius Ștef – Scaling Agility: The Technical Angle

Flavius Ștef - Scaling Agility: The Technical Angle

About Flavius Ștef


Can you work efficiently when there are a lot of people involved?

Bigger projects (tens or hundreds of people) are famous for being vary hard to control, especially when all the testing is done as a phase, close to the deadline. Agile has taught us that we can do better, by creating cross-functional teams and working incrementally.

However, most organizations are used to having component teams (statistics team, infrastructure team, UI team etc.). This type of structure should be changed in order to reap the full benefits of agility. But changing to a more cross-functional structure, with teams responsible for complete features means we need ways to make sure the architecture and design remain consistent, stable and DRY. We also need to make sure we avoid communication overhead. After all, if it’s a thing developers like the least, it’s yet another meeting.

In this talk we’ll explore various techniques for promoting efficient cross-team collaboration on big projects. We’ll look at feature and component teams, how to plan a release, steward a modular architecture, do branching, merging and releasing and share knowledge using communities of practice.


40 minutes

Detailed Schedule

- Intro
- Teams structure
- Planning a release
- Configuration management
- Modularity
- Sharing knowledge

What you will learn?

How to efficiently work on big projects in feature teams. How to create the teams, structure the code, plan and run releases and share the knowledge between teams.


Practical experience working on a big project or the prospect of joining a big project in the future.

What’s next?

Apply some of the techniques learned to better coordinate with other people on a big project.

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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