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Ioan Eugen Stan – Hands on Continuous Delivery

Ioan Eugen Stan – Hands on Continuous Delivery

About Ioan Eugen Stan


We all use/consume software today somehow. It comes pre-installed with
a device, we download and install it or we just use it on line.
These are all forms of software consumption and the result of a
process. Most of us are not concerned about how that piece of software
that we consume gets there.
This presentation is for the other part: the people who need to
deliver software and it will cover the following:

- how do users consume software – the importance of packaging and versions
- the software project life cycle and the importance of deliverables
- tools for managing the project life-cycle: version control system,
build tools, continuous integration tools and the software repository

The presentation will show an example of one way to achieve continuous
delivery for a simple Java web application with the following
technologies: Git, Apache Maven, Jenkins, Sonatype Nexus
Some tools presented are language/platform independent and can be used
regardless of language choice (Jenkins, Nexus). For others, you will
get info about alternative tools you can use in case you do not
develop on the Java Platform.
Pointers will cover languages like: PHP, C/C++, .Net and Javascript, etc.



40 minutes

Detailed Schedule
  • 20 minutes of talk/presentation about project life cycle,
    deliverables and tools
  • 20 minutes demo – build and deploy a new version of a simple app,
    show code and discussions
What you will learn?

What is the life-cycle of the project from a software development point of view, what are the tools for continuous delivery and how a continuous delivery setup looks like.


General knowledge of how software development, software project management

What’s next?

Automated deploy to production – make the environment and
your applications so that you can automatically deploy new versions to

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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