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Johan Martinsson & Rémy Sanlaville – 100% Confident with Legacy Code

Johan Martinsson & Remy Sanlaville – 100% Confident with Legacy Code

About Johan Martinsson
About Rémy Sanlaville


Frustrated you can’t refactor that piece of un-SOLID SH*T because you don’t have tests and it takes too long to write them?

Learn how to write non regression tests super-fast! We’ll work in *baby steps* on a real world application with complex logic and untestable dependencies. We introduce a powerful emerging concept of writing temporary tests that are tailored only for refactoring. It builds upon the techniques Golden Master and approval testing. We show how those work in a world of side effects and untestable dependencies. You’ll also get an understanding of how to apply this approach at any level of testing. We’ll discuss how this goes hand-in-hand with traditional system testing and the practice of TDD.

Find the setup instructions here.

Alose please find a video here about the session.


120 minutes

Detailed Schedule

Demo: Test 200 lines of code in 5 minutes!
Baby steps (Short intro + Do It Yourself):

  • String comparison with ApprovalTests
  • Branch coverage by input parameter variation
  • Serializing a complex type
  • Mocking web services
  • Capturing side effects
What you will learn?

How quickly protect major refactorings

  • Gain time by not writing assertions
  • Elegantly mock entire webservers
  • Deal with side effects
  • Generate input arguments

Developers with some TDD experience. Java, IDE with code coverage. Clone and build project

What’s next?

ApprovalTests – blog, FAQ and doc
UI visual diffing -
Working Effectively with Legacy Code – in particular for creating “seams”

Do the attendees need a laptop?

Yes.But you can probably find a pair to work with.

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