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Johan Martinsson & Rémy Sanlaville – Hexagonal Architecture – Ports and Adapters

Johan Martinsson & Rémy Sanlaville – Hexagonal Architecture – Ports and Adapters

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Did you succeed to create a nice OO application by using multi-level architecture?
We think that is not possible and multi-level architecture leads to procedural coding.

Alistair Cockburn introduced Hexagonal architecture that is more suitable to follow OO design. Hexagonal architecture (aka ports and adapters) is a generalization of two fundamental concepts that allows separation of business logic from infrastructure in the big as in the small.

It is a tool that can serve many goals

  • Business oriented tests/spec
  • Reducing conditionals
  • Centralisation of business rules (OnceAndOnlyOnce)
  • DecideLate (regarding frameworks and tools) as in Lean, Real Options

40 minutes

Detailed Schedule

A concrete, real world, exemple of how layers forces us to duplicate conditionals, write technical facing tests and prevents us from centralising a business rule in one place.
We explain and show a solution that illustrates the concept
General explanation of Hexagonal architecture
Do It Yourself (DIY) on the User-side API, refactoring the code to respect HA, rewrite the tests to a new level of business orientation
Example of data-site api using dependency inversion
A concrete example of abstracting away the data-side api
How does it support, DDD, Screaming architecture?
Where is this pattern present already?

What you will learn?

How to

  • separate Business rules from infrastructure
  • write unit tests that can be used to communicate with non technical stakeholders
  • spot and remove a very subtle flavor of duplication
  • postpone technical decisions to when you know more.

A few years of programming experience. Basic notions of the callback mechanism and dependency inversion will be useful.

What’s next?

Data-side exercice
Screaming architecture (uncle bob)

Kevin rutherfords many blog posts

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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