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Martin Naumann – How to Build a Mobile App with Web Technologies

Martin Naumann – How to Build a Mobile App with Web Technologies

About Martin Naumann


It does not always have to be native. The web platform has lots of tools and libraries to help you build your own mobile app experience with web technologies. We gonna build an app, deploy it to the phone, test it and make it production ready. Live.


40 minutes

Detailed Schedule

First we will quickly prototype our app with HTML, CSS and Javascript (on the device, using Weinre and Angular) – then we will start fleshing it out and write tests for it. Next up is running tests on multiple devices to make sure we aren ot breaking stuff somewhere. Then we build the native executable and deploy it to a real devices and then we talk about debugging and deploying it to the App Stores.

What you will learn?

What the web can do on mobile today, how to build, test and deploy hybrid mobile apps and the tooling that fosters a fast, iterative development lifecycle for it.


Node.js, the Android SDK, a computer and an Android device (iOS works as well, but requires more work)

What’s next?

Phonegap, Web components, Angular, CSS 3, Jasmine and Web APIs

Do the attendees need a laptop?


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